Platform: Windows 7, 8 or 10; LINUX

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of javascript, html, php etc. Working knowledge of TCP/IP. Basic understand the differences between cryptographic routines such as DES, AES, and MD5, and have a basic knowledge of the Windows and Linux command lines.

Workshop Date: January 14, 2017

About Trainer

karan Karan Bansal holds computer science and engineering from IIT Kanpur. He has been worked as a Security Researcher at Product Security Team of Citrix Systems. He designed a 'Distributed Idle State Fuzzing System' for the enterprise and the project was presented in c0c0n 2014. He has also worked at FireEye where he designed a vulnerability scanner tool for windows machine. He was also speaker & trainer at DEFCON Lucknow 2016 conference.

About Course

In this course, we'll learn about exploiting one of the weakest aspects of most computing environments: passwords. You'll custom-compile John the Ripper to optimize its performance in cracking passwords. You'll look at the amazingly full-featured Cain tool, running it to crack sniffed Windows authentication messages. We'll see how Rainbow Tables really work to make password cracking much more efficient, all hands-on. And we'll cover powerful "pass-the-hash" attacks, leveraging Metasploit, the Meterpreter, and more. We then turn our attention to web application pen testing, covering the most powerful and common web app attack techniques with hands-on labs for every topic we address. We'll cover finding and exploiting cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (XSRF), command injection, and SQL injection flaws in applications such as online banking, blog sites, and more.


  • What is Penetration Testing?
  • Pentesting Model
  • Password Cracking with John the Ripper
  • Sniffing and Cracking Windows Authentication Exchanges Using Cain
  • Using Rainbow Tables to Maximum Effectiveness
  • Pass-the-Hash Attacks with Metasploit and More
  • Finding and Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • SQL Injection
  • Leveraging SQL Injection to Perform Command Injection
  • Maximizing Effectiveness of Command Injection TestingWhat is Penetration Testing?


  • Custom Compiling and Leveraging John the Ripper to Crack Passwords
  • Sniffing Windows NTLM Authentication and Cracking It with Cain
  • Rainbow Table Attacks with Ophcrack
  • Pass-the-Hash Attacks with Metasploit and the Meterpreter
  • Scanning Web Servers with Nikto
  • Using the ZAP Proxy to Manipulate Custom Web Applications
  • Exploiting Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerabilities
  • Attacking Cross-Site Scripting Flaws
  • Leveraging Command Injection Flaws
  • Exploiting SQL Injection Flaws to Gain Shell Access of Web Targets
  • Penetration Testing with Kali Linux