Workshop Date: January 14, 2017

About Trainers

# Mr. Nilay R. Mistry is Assistant Professor & PG Course Coordinator of Digital Forensics & Cyber Security at Institute of Forensic Science, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University.

Mr. Prince Boonlia is Founder & Director – Semporsol Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and leading consultant with a proven track of record 21 Years in handling Trunkey IT Projects involving wide range of technology. Have worked for top multinationals classified intelligence agencies and several leading educational institutions, with several research paper published to credits.

About Course

In this course, participants can learn Digital Forensics tactics with hands on case studies. This workshop covers almost all angles of Digital Forensics comprises Windows OS, Potential Artefacts Extraction, Network Investigations, Data Recovery, File Signatures, Prefetch Forensics, Live Investigations.


  • Digital Investigations
  • Digital Forensic Classifications
  • Principles – Locard’s & Components
  • Disk Imaging and write blocking concepts
  • Disk Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Operating System Potential Artefacts Extraction
  • Automated Artefacts Collection – Scripting
  • RAM Forensics

Exercises:(BYOD Based)

  • Disk Imaging using Portable Forensic Toolkit Imager / EnCase Imager (Pendrive Needed)
  • File Signature Case
  • Anti Forensics and Counter Anti Forensics
  • Browser Artefacts
  • Prefetch Artefacts
  • Windows Log Event Viewer
  • USB Artefacts Collection
  • Volatile Memory acquisition
  • Live Acquisition of potential artefacts from Windows Based machines